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    Roving bobbin transport with Autoflow Systems

    Autoflow Systems

    Our Autoflow Systems are an innovative solution for transporting your roving bobbins from the roving frame to the ring spinning machine. For the ideal use of your production, Autoflow supplies via a rail system and protects your roving. Autoflow offers the best solution for your spinning plant through various system and automation steps. Exploit the full potential of your spinning plant. We have 30 years of experience in successful automation solutions worldwide.

    The Autoflow rails allow the roving bobbins to be transported interruption-free. Autoflow makes your production successful through the intelligent control, low-maintenance and well thought out components, and your downtimes are reduced significantly.


    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Individual transport solutions
      Autoflow is a manual, semi- or fully automatic transport system with optimum quality and possibilities.
    • Reduced personnel requirements
      Tighter processes and precisely synchronised sequences save personnel costs.
    • User-friendly control
      The clearly arranged menu and large screen make the control system easy to operate.
    • Optimised material flow
      Intelligent article management, information on materials and degree of filling of controlled, lot startup and changeover.
    • Intelligent process flows between roving frame – ring spinning machine
      The controlled lot startup and changeover saves you time and resources.
    • Excellent yarn quality
      The roving bobbin exterior remains intact, your roving keeps its excellent quality.


    Autoflow Systems are available as :


    Find out more about our products. Here we provide you with all the relevant documents for download in PDF format.

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